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Love of the land and the desire to express it's effects does not mean holding back on the use of the most sophisticated equipment that will get the greatest number of possible characteristics from a wine. At Pescaja all the innovative methods that still leave the natural goodness are used to produce a “modern” wine suited to the demands of the times and endowed with a strong personality. Horizontal rotary wine-makers are part of the special equipment that Beppe uses. They allow a super-extraction of the must and especially the tannin contained in the skins and eliminating the extraction of the tannin in the grape pips. The total cooling technique of the must prevents it from becoming sulphurous during fermentation and reduces the presence of exogenous products in the wines.

For his cutting-edge production methods and constant work on the vines, Beppe has created an Arneis that cannot be equaled in terms of its concentration and expression. Today it is possible to find Pescaja wines on wine menus of the most famous restaurants in Milan and Turin for example “Il Sorriso di Soriso”, the most famous Piedmont restaurant (3 Michelin stars) or at the Grand Hotel in Milan. Here the search for the exceptional and the final expression of terroir is ongoing. These whites are on the same level as Chablis, Sancerre or Pouilly-Fumé.

We also sell these wines to the trade.