Champagne de Lozey

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A handful of famous champagne marques dominate the market. At De Lozey, we believe that fine champagne is the result of hard work in the field and in the cellar; it should not be confused with million-dollar marketing campaigns. It’s all to easy to accept this as ‘just the way things are’, but we have a range of wines that deserve to be tasted and recognised. Each has a precise and distinct identity, with character and charm. 

De Lozey’s vines lie on the slopes of the Côte des Bar in the Aube region of southern Champagne. The House was established in 1881 and has been in the Cheurlin family for four generations. Edmond, Raymond, Daniel and Philippe shared the understanding that tradition for its own sake is meaningless. Hence the modernity and relevance of De Lozey today.

These wines possess a rare mix of authenticity, generosity, and soulfulness. Discrete but characterful, De Lozey appeals to a select group of faithful gourmands who appreciate the good things in life and who love to share them.

A fairly recent addition to the winefantastic/boutique portfolio having been discovered in Paris by us just two years ago. 

These wines are indeed individual, almost as thought they have been made in a vacuum where other Champagnes are not considered. Like a naturally talented author who writes a book without having read any classics. Forget what you think you know, and enjoy these gems.

Available to the trade.