Poderi Angelini

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I first met this producer around 2010 at a show in Perugia and, as often happened in those days, loved the wine but couldn't see where to place them. Fantastic value for money but at a higher price point than most of my customers (at the time) could spend.

Fast forward 2019 and we met again in Verona and history kind of repeated. I did, however give them an order which we never quite confirmed, Christmas came and went and then things changed dramatically.

At the time of writing, the first shipment has yet to leave Italy.

But at some point it will.

Poderi Angelini  was founded in 1998, when Luigi Antonio Angelini decided to set up an important project in the field of the wine. 
The vineyards are located in Manduria, the heart of Salento, approximately 5 km from the Ionian Sea whose proximity make the soil very propitious for the cultivation of the grapes.

Since 1998 Poderi Angelini  never stopped  growing  up. Today Poderi Angelini covers a surface of about 105 ha. 85 ha are covered by vineyards and 20 by oliveyards.