Re-opening plans

We are re-opening on Thursday 9th July with revised opening times and offer.

Our new  (temporary) hours are 12 noon to 4pm and 5pm to 9pm Thursday through Sunday for take-home purchases from the shop. No browsing as such, instead we will serve you from the front of the shop and will permit two customer groups in at a time only. 

All drinking-in activity will be in Bacchus Yard with access from Penfold Road only and online booked customers only - no walk-ins. By taking a prepayment we capture your details for potential future contact tracing and also lessen the money exchange on the day.

Our goal is to open both safely and viably. We wish to offer our guests some reassurance of our efforts to provide a suitable environment.

I may have pre-empted a few questions here....

Q. Why are you charging me to come?

A. We only charge for what you consume or take away. Only no-shows pay a "cover charge".

Q. Can we get a drink without booking?

A. Not currently although we plan to open the tables on Frontus Yard (Hamilton Road pavement) as not bookable and first come-first served.

Q. How far ahead can I book?

A. Spaces for the week are released online at 12 noon on Monday for that week only. However, if you have a special occasion coming up and want to guarantee a space more than a week ahead, email me, and I will try to accommodate you. The reason for not routinely taking bookings further ahead is that we'd like the flexibility to alter the offer should risk assessments/other circumstances change.

Q. Can I book on the 'phone?

A. No.

Q. Can you guarantee my safety?

A. No. But we can offer you a discretely controlled environment with group separation distances of at least 2 metres.

Q. Can I use the toilets?

A. Yes, we have a dedicated customer toilet which is not used by staff and that we clean frequently. Whilst in there it is your responsibility to touch as little as possible and use soap and water appropriately. Cleaning materials will be left in there too.

Q. Are you using hand sanitiser?

A. Yes. On arrival and when entering and leaving Bacchus Bog we will dispense some to you and your guests.

Q. When we book we declare that we are a cohabiting group. What proof do we need to bring?

A. None. Everybody understands the risks now and we will trust your declaration.

Q. Will we need to walk through the shop to get to Bacchus Yard?

A. No. All access in and out is via Penfold Road. No exceptions.

Q. Does that mean we can no longer use the shop?

A. No, you can still use the shop. Access to the shop is via the front on Hamilton Road as normal except only two cohabiting browsing groups at a time.

Q. There's only two of us and the twos are sold. Can we book a four?

A. Yes, you are just committing to spend a little more, that's all.

Q. If I book for four people but there are five of us, what can we do?

A. Most of our 4-spaces have room for more and five or even six from the same cohabiting group shouldn't be a problem.

Q. Are you accepting cash?

A. Yes although contactless card is preferred.