We don't routinely quote vintages (the year in which the wine's grapes were grown) for two reasons.

Firstly, they change all the time as our many producers move to a new vintage they don't always remember to advise us and when the stock arrives it can be unnoticed. So if we did quote them, there is a good chance of many of them being wrong.

Secondly, all our wines are bought, shipped, stocked and offered in a drinkable state. We don't buy wines specifically for "laying down" in a darkened room or for investment purposes. To sell later in other words. This is the role of some other merchants, just not us.

So we ask you to trust us to only sell fresh, ready-to-drink wines even if some of them will in fact cellar well for a few years.

Ignore any years you may spy on our bottle photographs as they are quite old pictures in some cases.

Should you wish to check a stock vintage before buying, please email and we will physically check it for you.