2020 Beaujolais Nouveau non filtre Collin Bourisset

2020 Beaujolais Nouveau non filtre Collin Bourisset

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Bourisset is one of our most-improved wineries over recent years but the Nouveau has always been excellent.

This year we have plumped for the non filtre bottling which brings the benefit of leaving flavours intact and true. Filtering makes the wine brighter looking but robs it of some character.

Pour carefully....

The release date is the third Thursday of November (it's the law) which this year is the 19th. Orders placed by Monday 16th will be delivered on the 19th (subject to usual courier peccadillos).

A caveat. Logistics on this stuff are always tight and this year we have seen many many extra problems with getting stock in on time. Consider this when you decide to hold a huge party. Ah, wait, no; not this year.