Friday indoors for up to 6 people in Felixstowe

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A guaranteed seated area indoors in the wine-boutique for an hour and three quarters. Every penny you prepay here goes towards drink-in or take-home drinks on the day. In booking.
Yes to fast table service, fantastic drinks, stepped-up hygiene, 2-metre group spacing, robust guest tracking, cashing in your prepayment (on the day only) for take-away if you change your mind.
No to queueing, walk-ins, crowding, under 14s, table hopping, access from the front, furniture moving, standing, swapping bookings, singing, no-show refunds (should you change your mind about drinking-in, pop in for takeaway to the value of your prepayment - on the day only; no carrying forward). Please note access is from Penfold Road and exit is via the front door. We don’t have anywhere for you to smoke.