Darwin Box

Darwin Box

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I am breaking the silence.

Following months of fighting tooth and nail to get stock into the UK (more a Covid thing than Brexit but in this matter neither has particularly helped). So no point emailing you offers for wine we haven't got....

Can’t wait any more, I want you to try some of the exciting new things that have come our way.

So a tasting case.

A bottle each of the new 2020 vintage (a good year?) Chardonnay and Syrah from Aromo’s Private Reserve range. They both enjoy a little oak ageing and although that may put some off I urge courage - you will love these wines.

It’s becoming increasingly clear to me that Casa Relvas in Portugal’s Alentejo is going to be VERY important to us. Spectacular value and quality. Oh and generic weirdness. And UK exclusive currently.

So from the Segredos de Sâo Miguel range we’re putting in a bottle each of pure Touriga Nacional (at the shop tasting the team guessed the price at £17 take home - rather than the actual £10.50!), pure Syrah (not quite so impressive but still very very good and the same price), a Rosé blend of all sorts of grapes delivering a creamy texture, tons of subtle fruit and a frankly stupid £9 shelf price and finally a 50cl bottle of their incredible Olive oil. Tried to ship some last year but they always run out and I had to argue for an allocation this year. Organically-grown, mechanically processed and so good.

A bottle of the new vintage Grüner Veltliner Spiegel by Josef Grillmaier. Always excellent and this year is no exception.

A bottle of Chateau de Fonscolombe Rosé Cuvée Esquisse from Provence. A new collaboration for this year and really terrific, typical Provence pink. The price is the price…..

A rekindled trading relationship with an excellent collective in Navarra in Spain called Bodegas has brought us a pure Joven (young) Tempranillo with which we are planning to replace our old Vacceos wine. Unoaked, crunchy-fruited and nice value for money. Also a Cabernet Merlot blend called Óptimo making an aspirational nod towards Bordeaux but in reality is nothing like it. The soil is shockingly poor, the vines are old and dug deep and the yield per acre is tiny; wines like this are only really possible where land values are very low - in a “normal” European wine growing area the costs would either make it very expensive or, more likely, stop it existing at all. So a rather unique wine retailing at £15.

Then to top up this eclectic box, a can of the new cider we have just started buying from the Big Bear Cider Mill in Essex - proper appley stuff, a can of Burnt Mill Brewery’s (Stowmarket) excellent Pintle Pale Ale and a bottle of bottle conditioned Cashmere Ale from Crouch Vale also in Essex (don't over-chill and pour carefully).

So 2 Whites, 2 Rosés, 5 Reds, a Cider, an Oil and 2 Beers.

I’m calling it the Darwin box in celebration of the week when the members of our society are once again permitted to do really stupid things. Should they so choose.

I speak to people from other countries all the time and the whole world is watching us to see how we manage in the next few months. Daily good decisions must be made by us all and I’d like to think that if old Charlie saw this mixed case offer, he’d decide to get one…