Knackered Wines

Knackered Wines

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Sometimes things go wrong.

And sometimes that means we have some stock to dispose.

Four wines (two whites and two reds), three bottles of each for just 10p a bottle! That's £1.20 for 12 x 75cl bottles.

Plus duty, VAT and a delivery allowance of £5 per box.

So what went wrong?

An Italian supplier of many years has been messing about; something that has culminated in us having some Umbrian Rosso and Bianco of a quality below that which we demand. They're not horrible, just not as good as we want. I reckon they compare well to a supermarket £5.99er but the actual cost was much higher.

They need to go.

A shipment of Verdicchio from le Marche somehow missed the filter a bit and some yeast must have made it into the finished bottles. They have secondary-fermented a little in the bottle resulting in an actually not unpleasant spritz on the tongue. Pleasant but not "correct" so they can't be sold in restaurants.

We (I) massively over ordered on an Italian Merlot from Cabert. This wine is excellent - fruity and fresh and is simply overstocked. Some needs to go.

On some of the above we have had supplier help to dispose.

Three bottles of each delivered to your door.

So, the actual price of this box?

£39 or £3.25 per bottle. This includes £5 for delivery, £6.50 for VAT, £27.16 alcohol duty and of course £1.20 for the wine.....

All these wines are extremely drinkable and will not embarrass anyone; they're really not knackered at all.