Little Mick's Case

Little Mick's Case

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It is with a heavy heart that I report the passing of Little Mick. A constant companion for Big Mick in the warehouse, assisting with tasks and generally joining in, he is going to be sorely missed.

To mark his untimely departure for the big warehouse in the sky and as a tribute, we are launching “Little Mick’s Case”; a collection of a dozen different wines on the boxes of which Little Mick used to like to sit and people-watch.

Weirdly, Little Mick’s choices of perch coincide exactly with wines that all deliver far beyond their modest price-points and (doubly spooky) of which we have good stock. 

It’s as though he knew....

Reds, whites, pinks and sparklers the like of which we often take home 

at weekends, this rather poignant box would cost you £132.90 

ordinarily but, for a short while we will charge just £100 - delivered.

Send your thoughts to this fine erstwhile colleague by 

buying Little Mick’s Case. 

It’s what he would have wanted.