Peter Zemmer's Christmas Mix

Peter Zemmer's Christmas Mix

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Peter makes in the Italian Alps some of the poshest wines in our list including several with mid-90's Robert Parker scores (a good thing). If me and 'er indoors were to drink just one producers' wines this year, these would be they.

All are drinking perfectly just now so we have put together a mixed six with an eye on a really special Christmas Day lunch with family.

So what will you get?

A bottle of Pinot Noir Riserva Vigna Kofl - Peter's answer to a really fine Cote de Beaune Burgundy offering up perhaps slightly less fruit austerity but with impressive complexity. I doubt any wine will show such respect to a decent farm turkey. £38

A bottle of Pinot Noir Rolhut - a bit less complexity than the above, but not that much. More fruit-forward in a very modern New Zealand style. Just don't tell Peter I said that. £18.90

A Lagrein Raut - an intriguing local grape traditionally making big-boned and tannic mouth-fillers but here a shorter maceration extracts fewer tannins and the result is a deliciously quenching black-pepper filled delight. £17

Pinot Grigio Riserva Giatl - Riserva PG is a rare thing with most fruit destined for the lower-end stuff. Ageing wine from the best fruit over an extended period brings serious weight but with elegance too. Correctly oaked white Burgundy is the nearest I can suggest except with that lovely Pinot Grigio spiciness we love. £27

Gewurztraminer Frauenrigl - this aromatic grape sometimes leans into over-luscious fattiness and  sometimes sweetness but this single vineyard example is lean and mineral-dashed and still gives the floral character along with ultra cleanliness. £23

Sauvignon Blanc - in a year when New Zealand's famous wine is in such short supply, this will fill a hole. Be aware though that once tasted, you'll probably never go back to the Kiwis. £18

Buon Natale!