Referral Lunar subscription - choose this when you have been referred by a friend

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Early 2021 recruitment drive.

Referred-by-a-friend subscribers choosing this product before January 15th and let us know the existing Lunar subscriber that referred you and we'll upgrade one of your bottles to a de Lozey small-grower Champagne worth at least £31.50. And the referrer will get the same upgrade in their next case.

Currently just £6.50 a bottle plus £8 per order shipping (free in Essex/Suffolk or if you have two at a time).

A mixed dozen - three 75cl bottles each of four different dry wines of our choice.

All fresh and of decent quality, all discounted and none to be found in the supermarkets.

This is a subscription case but your only commitment in ordering is to agree to receive an email reminder to re-order every month AT THE EQUIVALENT DISCOUNTED RATE APPLYING ON THAT DAY - NO WINE WILL EVER BE SENT AUTOMATICALLY and this is not a scam to hook you into dearer follow-up cases.

You can ignore or opt out of the reminder or even alter the reminder frequency at any time but should you opt out, you may not be able to re-sign on the same terms.

By letting us choose the actual contents, you are guaranteeing the best deal each time - you’re helping us with our stock fluctuations so we can help you with the price.

The actual box it comes in might not look like the photo’. Actually it really won’t look like the photo’.

No specific product swaps but let us know if a differently themed style option works for you.