Sammie’s Zoom Spittoon event

Sammie’s Zoom Spittoon event

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A 5-wine, 40-minute online tasting event hosted by wine lover Sammie from our Felixstowe shop.

Choose the average price of the wines for your budget then choose the number in your tasting group.

Wine styles, colours, origins, etc. will be discussed later.

Buy your package.

Sammie will telephone you to agree dates and times, wine styles, themes and anything else you need to specify.

A parcel containing five 75cl bottles of wine, a special free-of-charge wine-boutique tasting glass and a tasting notes sheet will then be dispatched to each of your group members.

Enjoy your event!

The price is calculated as follows…. (5 x your average bottle price) + £10 for individual shipping to anywhere in the UK + a £50 fee for the event. Sammie gets this fee.