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Sudbury is go in Gaol Lane!

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Accidentally vegan box
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Most wine is made using products derived from animals.

Some isn't.

Buying wine because it is vegan is a bit of a mugs game as it isn't always the best wine. Buying excellent wine that just happens to be vegan on the other hand.....

...and that's what we do. The second bit; excellent first, vegan second. Hence "accidental"



two bottles each of....

Prosecco Il Soller Marsuret - best Prosecco in the world?

Private Reserve Chardonnay Aromo (if you're not sure about Chardonnay, this is the wine to persuade you).

Private Reserve Syrah Aromo (aka Shiraz).

Grand Tradition Rouge de Donjon - super Minervois blend.

Grüner Veltliner Grillmaier - also the grapes are organically-grown.

Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo - a dark, cherry-like Montepulciano rosé - again the grapes are organically-grown.

The Easter Dozen
The Easter Dozen
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Bodegas Chaves

No catch subscription. Imagine!

£6.70 a bottle

You choose your style - we choose your bottles.

Fabulous value for you - great stock management for us.

Win - win.

Always fresh stock - no bin ends.

No wine sent automatically. Ever.

And it's not a cheap-first-case followed by dearer ones; the only increases will be through inflation, duties, etc.

In buying, you agree to receive an automatic four-weekly reminder-to-buy email; nothing more.

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