Domaine de la Presidente

Having spent literally decades trying to find the perfect Chateauneuf-du-Pape; one that is drinkable young (almost all is drunk too soon), not-cooked, not brettanomyces infected (many are), full-bodied but not heavy, spicy despite a prevalence of Grenache over Syrah, affordable and not shipped by competitors, I had effectively given up.

Then in January 2020 before we were confined to barracks, I and two other members of the team visited a wine show in Paris and were introduced by the amazing Nicolas Bonnet to this winery.

Nearly 400 years of wine-making and their Chateauneuf blew my mind. Still can't really believe it satisfies all my requirements but it does. 

Spectacular wine beaten only by their humble Cotes du Rhone, a wine 70% as good for 40% of the price. OMG.

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3 products