The Lunar subscription

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A discounted dozen bottles of small-grower real wines charged at £90 including delivery (in Essex/Suffolk).

That's £7.50 a bottle. Delivered. For real wine.

So what's the catch? There always is one.

And here it is.....

....we choose the wines. 

But don't panic! You choose the style based on the categories shown, we just choose the actual bottles. This allows us fantastic latitude to manage our stock situations (particularly useful to us just now). And you benefit by getting small-grower wines retailing between £9 and £12 a bottle. For £7.50. Delivered.

We have carefully removed all the other catches, booby traps, pitfalls and random irritations generally associated with subscription wine boxes. You know the sort of thing; cheap first box followed by uncancellable dearer ones, no control over frequency, boxes turning up unexpectedly relying on you thinking "might as well keep it now it's here...", two years of negotiation before you can cancel the subscription. You know the drill.

All absent from Lunar.

So what happens when I sign up?

The first box in the style of your choice is sent charged at £90.00 followed every 28 days by a reminder to reorder at the same (subject to regular inflation) priceThat is all; a reminder. Which you can completely ignore if you wish. No need to tell us you don't want another box, just don't re-order.

We think you'll want to though....


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