Crouch Vale Beers

There are two kinds of beer (and wine for that matter); good and bad, and we buy our beer with as much care as our wine.

We have worked with Colin at this brewery since 2011 when our first shop opened and we have stocked them ever since.

Never the cheapest, these beers are always expertly brewed using the very best ingredients and the quality-over-price production means they fit really well in our portfolio.

Essex Boys, Brewer's Gold and Amarillo are "brewery conditioned" which means fined and filtered at the brewery before bottling making them crystal clear, unsedimented and pourable straight from the fridge.

But the Rolls Royces of bottled beers are the "bottle conditioned" ones where the beer is bottled with a little yeast (just like Champagne) to encourage a second fermentation to occur in the bottle. This process gives them an ultra-fine carbonation, a creamy mousse head and a fantastic mouthfeel. Oh and a little sediment from said, spent yeast in the bottom. Best served around 10 degrees C and poured carefully to leave the (harmless) lees in the bottle. The availability of bottle conditioned varies through the year but we try to stock at least one.

Never mind all that "craft" nonsense, despite the slightly traditional looking packaging, Colin has been brewing ultra-modern ales for nearly 40 years.

Please note that a 500ml bottle counts as a half-bottle towards our minimum 12-bottle delivery quantity and it is possible to mix these beers with some wine.

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4 products