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I'm Johnny and I know stuff about wine. These are what I take home.

They're the absolute best value in our shop.

Let me explain why....

1. A direct result of the high “dry” costs associated with a bottle of wine in the UK; duty, shipping, handling, glass, boxes, etc., is that the best value for money wines for regular drinking retail somewhere between £10 and £15.

2. High enough a price to allow the winemaker to really get involved.

3. Low enough to make them affordable for more than just special occasions.

Go much below this sweet spot and the grapes get pressed hard but go much above and the marginal quality gains are small - ever drunk a £20 bottle and thought that it wasn’t twice as good as the one for a tenner?

Johnny’s Best Case is a selection of wines retailing within that magic price range that you can have for just £10 a bottle (which includes delivery if you are local).

You choose the style/s and we choose the specific wine. Alway good, always at a keen price.

In the current shipping crisis, availability of specific wines is a major challenge so by letting us choose the actual bottles (in a style specified by you), we can deliver the absolute best pricequality.

No subscription, no commitment - just buy a Johnny's Best Case when you need some decent stock in the house.