Bacchus Yard Thursday tables

A table in Bacchus Yard behind our Felixstowe wine-boutique this Thursday coming (or today if it's Thursday).

Currently we are booking a maximum of a rolling seven days (168 hours to be precise) ahead.

Scroll down to book and partially prepay your one-and-three-quarter-hour visit.....

In booking, the customer agrees to take the weather risks.

Yes to fast table service, fantastic drinks, stepped-up hygiene, 2-metre group spacing, robust guest tracking, cashing in your prepayment (on the day only) for take-away if you change your mind.

No to queueing, walk-ins, crowding, under 14s, table hopping, access from the front, furniture moving, standing, swapping bookings, singing, no-show refunds (should you change your mind about drinking-in, pop in for takeaway to the value of your prepayment - on the day only; no carrying forward).

At the end of your booked stay and even if the table is unbooked subsequently, we will require you to rebook online if you wish to stay.

By continuing you are agreeing that you have understood and will comply with our safety rules.

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