Johnny's Best Case

Wines that exist in that wonderful sweet spot between quality and affordability; dear enough to deliver a living to the winemaker and some nice quality to the drinker but inexpensive enough to be affordable to many for everyday drinking.

Buy them as normal or why not sign up for a mixed case regularly delivered to your door on our own vans? Heavily discounted. Every time.

These are the wines we drink and we want you to enjoy them too so here's how Johnny's Best Case works......

Order your first Best Case just like a normal product. We will charge your card with £120 and send you 2 bottles each of 3 reds and whites. 12 bottles in all from Johnny's Best Case Collection.

All of which retail above (some well above) £10 - so a decent discount.

Send us an email telling us which wines you want or, if we don't hear, we will choose for you 2 bottles each of 3 reds and whites.

Then, once you have your Best Case and see how fantastic it is, click on the Direct Debit (DD) button in the shop and fill in the short GoCardless form. You get all the protections of the DD system and you can cancel at any time.

When you choose to have a Johnny's Best Case every month, we take £120 every month, £60 per month gets you a Best Case every other month, £40 monthly one every quarter.

This is by far and away the best value way to buy decent wine.

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