Making more from wine

 Wine is an important part of any UK bar or restaurant's business.

If it's not so important in your venue, it's likely you're doing something wrong.

The Golden Rules

1. Have a wine list. Even if it's three wines on a blackboard, tell 'em about it.

2. Buy better. So much of a cheap bottle in the UK is tax that it's actually nearly ALL tax. Since this tax is a fixed £ amount (not a percentage), trading up a little can make an enormous difference.

3. Understand and accept that ALL wine in restaurants is "premium". Your customer can drink (and eat) more cheaply at home so the fact that they are Out Out means they are prepared to spend a little more. 

4. Value for money is king. 

5. Value for money does NOT mean cheap.

6. By-the-glass is where it's at. If you want to sell more wine and make more money, make it available by the glass.

7. Train your front staff. Or get your merchant to.

8. Cross referencing wines between wine list and food menu is a good plan.

9. Get decent glasses (we can help).

10. Avoid supermarket brands.