Orfila Mendoza Argentina

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A producer of typically Argentine Malbecs for over 100 vintages. Winemaker Guillermo Chavero skilfully turns these grapes into really nice wines which meet head-on the current tastes of British drinkers.

Not perhaps the smallest of wine-boutique's producers, Orfila is famous for its production process in terms of mechanization and volume, with the capacity and flexibility to fulfill the needs of wine-boutique's market, thus ensuring the quality of its wines through a careful control of each stage of the process.

Although obviously not a commercial process these days, Grape Treading is one of the most important events within the grape harvest celebrations organised in Mendoza every year. At the beginning, it was held at Bodega Orfila’s premises but, since 2006, it is part of the Vendimia Shopping event organised at the premises of the Los Altos Shopping Mall, in Mendoza. In this way, our winery continues one of the noblest and most authentic traditions of grape harvesting in Argentina through the organisation of this celebration for the local people, and creating an opportunity for everybody to taste typical regional food as well as the best wines of the winery.

During the party, Virreinas from each department who dance on big presses placed in the stage for the extraction of juice from bunches are chosen. There, the jury chooses the Queen of Grape Treading amongst the participants. Renowned artists have been part of this popular party in Mendoza, such as Pedro Aznar and David Lebón, Los Pericos, El Choque Urbano, the folkloric duet Orozco-Barrientos, Los Enanitos Verdes and Hilda Lizarazu, amongst others.

We love these wines for their authenticity, quality and feeling that they could not be from anywhere else. If you want to taste Malbec from the true home of the variety, try our Cahors wines.

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