Zuleta Amontillado Sherry

Zuleta Amontillado Sherry

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It comes from the solera of manzanilla Zuleta. This young Amontillado still evokes its Manzanilla origins. Notes of oxidative ageing characteristic of old amontillados are quite appreciable.

This wine begins as Manzanilla and therefore has a biological ageing in a first phase, but after losing the characteristic layer of flor yeast it undergoes an oxidative stage. 100% Palomino variety, with about 8 or 9 years of ageing in American oak casks, using the traditional “Criaderas & Solera” system. It is 17.5% ABV.

It is clean and bright with an intense golden colour. With very intense nose and nuances of biological ageing such as nuts and grains, this wine also shows the typical aromas of wood and oxidative ageing. On the nose it is dry, light, salty and very complex, with a soft mid-palate and persistence.

Ideal for beginners in the art of wine pairings as it perfectly complements options as diverse as white meats, soups and vegetables bisques, oily fish and all kinds of rice dishes, among many others.

92 puntos Wine Spectator 2019
91 puntos Parker (Wine Advocate)
90 puntos Wine Spectator 2016
Medalla de Plata International Wine Awards 2018
Medalla de Plata International Wine Challenge 2014
Medalla de Plata Berliner Wine Trophy