Zuleta Oloroso Sherry

Zuleta Oloroso Sherry

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Selected from our baseline musts, with more body, only subjected to oxidative ageing after fortification, which differentiates it from amontillado.

Oxidatively aged from the start, 100% Palomino variety, it is aged approximately 5 years through the process of "Soleras and Criaderas" in American oak casks. It is 17.5% ABV.

With a crystal-clear amber colour, it displays complex aromas and notes of nuts, such as walnuts and hazelnuts, with nuances of wood. It is dry, soft and round in the mouth with a long, lingering aftertaste.

Although rarely served as such in the UK, Oloroso is an ideal wine to pair with main courses, and a great companion for all kinds of stews.