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The Marsura family is known by its old nickname "Marsuret".

The family has a long tradition in wine growing and, just like the vines they tend, is a genuine product of the Valdobbiadene hills. The winery was founded in 1936 by Agostino Marsura when he bought a vineyard in Val de Cune in Guia di Valdobbiadene and started to produce the first sparkling wine with natural in-bottle fermentation. His younger brother Giovanni dedicated himself to ensuring quality production, looking after the vineyards, harvesting by hand and carefully selecting the grapes used to make the wines. These values continue to form the base of the Marsuret Winery.

Giovanni, Valter and Ermes grew up among the plants and today hold the reins of the company. They inherited a wealth of knowledge and understanding from their ancestors while adopting the values the family hold so dear. As well as being a proud heir to the family tradition, Ermes Marsura has brought about significant changes with new production techniques and careful research so as to guarantee faultless products from every point of view. The success of this approach has been proven through many awards, especially for the Sparkling Prosecco wines and Superiore di Cartizze. With this influx of fresh ideas, new skills, increased knowledge and enthusiasm of his sons Alessio and Enrico, the future is certainly sparkling.

The company founded by Agostino Marsura all those years ago is still in Val de Cune in Guia di Valdobbiadene in the original buildings which, over the years, have been expanded and developed so that today they house some of the most advanced technology helping to guarantee quality while caring for the environment. The winery is almost hidden from view sitting among the family’s vineyards in the most prestigious areas of the DOCG zone: Cartizze, Col San Martino, Guia, Premaor, Rolle, Zuel and Le Serre.

These wines were first shown to us fifteen years ago a Prosecco Workshop at the RAC Club in London. They have never been the cheapest but, as Prosecco sales in the UK have burgeoned and quality overall has dropped, we (and the winery of course) have stuck to the quality mantra. They ain't cheap but they are fabulous.

All of these are available to our trade customers with the Il Soller Extra Dry being our biggest selling product by value amongst all of our wines.