Metairie Grand du Thèron Prayssac Cahors

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Wines from the true home of Malbec which combine a deceptively soft attack with proper Malbec inky richness and structure. 

Discovered nearly 10 years ago whilst holidaying in the region. Leaving the rest of the team lounging around the pool, I trekked off to see if I could find the famous but elusive vins noirs de Cahors; those wines with intense colour, rich plumminess and rigid structure.

Most of what I tasted was overly extracted and "sticky" in the mouth and with some hilarious prices too. While I recognise that this style is popular in many parts of France (and Italy), it is not what I want to drink. My local tour ended at the Malbec Centre in the heart of Cahors itself where I was advised to find Mr. Sigaud near Prayssac. We were staying in Prayssac!

Off I went back to within a mile of our renterhouse. I drove past the entrance three times; no signs, no "vendes direct", no nothing. Found them in the end and Sebastien Sigaud was able to show me that which I sought, Malbec of the terroir but drinkable at the same time. And not too spitefully priced.

However, he wouldn't sell me any because he didn't need to.

Eventually he relented and I agreed some rather punishing terms with him to secure a supply.

And we have't looked back.

Also available for the trade.

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