Johnny's Best Case

Johnny's Best Case

Many wines exist in a magical zone that delivers high quality but also "okay" affordability; dear enough to deliver the winemaker a living but with nice quality for the drinker.
Our experience tells us that at retail shelf price, this zone is currently roughly £11-£16.
Below £11 and the proportion of tax is high while above £16 it's arguable that the "return" to the drinker diminishes.

What if your drinking could be from this zone but at a tenner a bottle?

Well it can; Johnny's Best Case is a regular (monthly or bimonthly) delivery of a dozen £11-£16 retail wines for which you pay a tenner a bottle. So £120.

You choose.....

....frequency - monthly or every other month

....what goes in it - give us a steer (all red, no Chardonnay, etc.) or choose the specific wines you want from the collection.

Or leave it to Johnny - it could be anything, but always from the collection. If you don't specify by email, we will assume you want Johnny to choose.

Whichever option or steer you choose, you can change it any time.

See the wines that could be in it


Okay, this all sounds perfect, how do I get a Johnny's Best Case?

Click here to set up a Direct Debit with the usual guarantees and protection this brings.
Depending on the frequency of delivery you have chosen, we will create a recurring monthly collection from your account of either £60 or £120 around 5th of the month and delivery will be around the middle of the month.