Minimum 12 wine - beer counts as a half
Minimum 12 wine - beer counts as a half
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Johnny's Best Case

Some wines exist in a magical zone between higher quality and nice affordability; dear enough to make a living for the winemaker and with nice quality for the drinker, but priced to be affordable for everyday drinking.
Our experience tells us that at retail shelf price, this zone is currently roughly £11-£15.  

Imagine if all your drinking could be in this zone but for just a tenner a bottle.

Johnny's Best Case is a dozen bottles - 2 each of 3 reds and 3 whites delivered for £120 all in. As frequently as you want.
We choose 'em for you or if you wish you can choose your own (see below).
Order your first Johnny's Best Case just like a normal product. 
Then, we will contact you to discuss how often you want one and to set up a Direct Debit (DD) with all the guarantees and assurance this brings.
Choosing your own wine.
Ordinarily we choose them for you but by emailing us before your next case is sent, you can choose from Johnny's Best Case Collection of wines (currently over 40 of them). If we don't hear, we'll choose 'em.
You can set up a standing instruction (e.g. "All Red") or change it every time.
Anything you don't like we will collect for a refund with the next delivery.
Unless you tell us to we will never put a bottle in retailing for under a tenner.
Johnny's Best Case is online-only and by buying one here you agree to our contacting you in order to arrange a regular delivery.